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Cheatham House
Acquired by the College: 1945
Previous Names: Pi Kappa Alpha House (1911-1912), Sigma Phi Epsilon House (1925-1929), Davis House (1929)
Sold by College: 1989
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The Cheatham House at William & Mary was located at 221 Richmond Road. In 1911-1912, it was the Pi Kappa Alpha House. Sometime between 1925-1929, it was the Sigma Phi Epsilon House. In 1929, it was the Davis House [?] and was used as an auxiliary dormitory for freshmen. From 1929 until around 1935, it was the Richmond Road Dormitory. The house was purchased by William & Mary from Nancy Davis Upshur and C. Littleton Upshur on August 7, 1945. (Consolidated Land Register, WMSBG D.B. 20--265) In 1989, the house was sold to the Presbyterian Church.

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

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