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Honorary degrees are typically awarded by William & Mary at Charter Day and Commencement ceremonies as well as other special events to distinguished individuals. Currently, there are usually multiple honorary degree recipients at Charter Day (CD) and Commencement (C). The tradition was begun in 1756 with the granting of an honorary degree to Benjamin Franklin.

When available, lists and general information about honorary degree recipients can be found in the University Archives Subject File Collection folder "Degrees--Honorary". The remarks of honorary degree recipients at Charter Day and Commencement are part of the University Archives in the Special Collections Research Center (most often found in the University Archives Subject File Collection).

Honorary Degree Abbreviations

Honorary degree abbreviations are generally based on the Latin name of the degree and are used by many universities.

Abbreviation Latin English Translation
A.M. artium magister Master of Arts
Art.D. artium doctor Doctor of Arts
D.D. divinitatis doctor Doctor of Divinity
D.P.S.   Doctor of Public Service
L.H.D. litterarum humanorum doctor Doctor of Humane Letters
Litt.D. (also LTD) litterarum doctor Doctor of Letters
LL.D legum doctor Doctor of Laws
Mus.D. musicae doctor Doctor of Music
S.D. (also Sc.D) scientiae doctor Doctor of Science

A "C" before the year indicates that the honorary degree was awarded at the College's commencement and "CD" indicates it was awarded at Charter Day, "SC" indicates a "Special Convocation".


Year Recipient Occupation
1756 Benjamin Franklin (A.M.) printer, scientist, statesman, and philanthropist
1782 Marquis Francois Jean de Chastellux (LL.D.) soldier, author
1782 Jean Francois Coste (M.D.) physician
1782 Thomas Jefferson (LL.D.) Third President of the United States, Governor of Virginia
1784 David Rittenhouse (M.A.) astronomer
1785 James Madison (LL.D.) Fourth President of the United States
1785 John Page (degrees unknown) patriot, U.S. Representative, Governor of Virginia
1785 Edmund Jennings Randolph (degrees unknown) patriot, Governor of Virginia, first Attorney General of the United States
1790 Robert Andrews (A.M.) Episcopal clergyman, educator
1790 Carlo Bellini (A.M.) professor of modern languages at William & Mary
1790 Bishop James Madison (D.D.) Bishop of Virginia, college president
1790 St. George Tucker (LL.D.) professor of law, jurist, poet
1790 George Wythe (LL.D.) statesman, jurist, college professor
1791 Humphrey Harwood (A.B.) lawyer
1791 Granville Sharp (LL.D.) abolitionist, philanthropist, author
1793 Thomas Andrews (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1793 John Bracken (D.D.) clergyman, college president
1793 John Cameron (D.D.) clergyman
1793 James Maury Fontaine (D.D.) clergyman
1793 Samuel Smith McCroskey (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1794 Rev. John Buchanan (D.D.) clergyman
1794 James Craig (D.D.) clergyman


1800 - 1849

Year Recipient Occupation
1824 Marquis de Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier (LL.D.) soldier, statesman, and patriot
1827 William Marshall (D.D.) clergyman
1827 William Meade (D.D.) Bishop of Virginia
1827 Robert Baylor Semple (D.D.) Baptist clergyman
1833 Alexander Galt Taliaferro (A.M.) soldier
1835 Benjamin Watkins Leigh (LL.D.) lawyer, U.S. Senator
1837 Henry St. George Tucker (LL.D.) U.S. Representative, lawyer, university professor
1841 William Hickling Prescott (LL.D.) historian


1850 - 1874

Year Recipient Occupation
185? William Cunningham Parham (A.M.) educator
1850 Robert Christian (A.M.) educated at William & Mary
1850 Richard Hooker Wilmer (D.D.) Bishop of Alabama
1851 Hubert Pierre Lefebvre (A.M.) educator
1851 John Payne (D.D.) Bishop of Cape Palmes, West Africa
1851 Alexander Eakin Shiras (A.M.) soldier
1851 Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, educator
1852 Richard Ford (A.M.) educator
1852 William H. Gilham (A.M.) soldier, professor
1852 Dennis Hart Mahan (LL.D.) engineer, educator
1852 George Parker Scarburgh (LL.D.) lawyer, educator
1852 John Tyler, Jr. (A.M.) Assistant Secretary of War of the Southern Confederacy
1852 Charles Scott Venable (A.M.) professor, mathematician, soldier
1853 John Blair Dabney (LL.D.) lawyer, author
1853 George Littleton Upshur (A.M.) physician
1854 John B. Cary (A.M.) educator
1854 James Lewis Corbin Griffin (A.M.) college professor, Universalist
1854 Charles Frederic Ernest Minnigerode (D.D.) college professor, Episcopal clergyman
1854 John Bowie Strange (A.M.) soldier
1854 Littleton Waller Tazewell (LL.D.) U.S. Representative and Senator, Governor of Virginia
1854 John Tyler (LL.D.) Tenth President of the United States, Governor of Virginia
1854 Oliver White (A.M.) educator
C 1855 Hugh Blair Grigsby (LL.D.) editor, historian
C 1855 John Johns (LL.D.) Bishop of Virginia, college president
C 1855 Ro. Gatewood (A.M) adjunct professor of mathematics
1855 William Yelverton Peyton (A.M., B.L.) educator
1856 William Green (LL.D.) lawyer
1856 Edward Hugh Henry (A.M.) educated at William & Mary
1856 John H. Ivey (A.M.) educated at William & Mary
1856 Christopher J.D. Pryor (A.M.) lawyer, educator
1857 Mottrom Dulany Ball (A.M.) soldier, lawyer
1857 Edwin Augustine Dalrymple (D.D.) clergyman, educator
1857 Samuel Goode Harriss (A.M.) physician
1857 George Woodbridge (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1858 George Dodd Armstrong (D.D.) Presbyterian clergyman, professor
1858 Alexander Taylor Bell (A.M.) physician
1858 Robert John Morrison (A.M.) college professor
1858 Nicholas Albertson Okeson (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1858 Daniel Lee Powell (A.M.) soldier, educator
1858 George Douglas Wise (A.M.) U.S. Representative
1859 James H. Barnes (A.M.) Baptist clergyman
1859 John Albert Broadus (D.D.) Baptist clergyman, educator
1859 John Collins McCabe (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, author
1859 John J. McElhinney (D.D.) clergyman, educator
1859 Reginald Heber Murphy (A.M.) Episcopal clergyman
1859 William Barton Rogers (LL.D.) geologist, educator
1859 Cornelius Walker (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1860 H.B. Browne (A.M.) educator
1860 Caleb S. Hallowell (A.M.) educator
C 1860 William Hodges (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
C 1860 Silas Totten (LL.D.) Protestant Episcopal clergyman, college president
C 1860 George Thornton Wilmer (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1866 Channing Moore Williams (D.D.) Bishop of Japan
1867 James Barron Hope (M.A.) lawyer, editor, poet
1867 John Reuben Thompson (M.A.) editor, poet
1868 Edmund R. Bagwell (A.M.) soldier, legislator
1868 Aurelius Sydney Furcron (A.M.) educator
1868 Joseph Eggleston Johnston (LL.D.) soldier, U.S. Congressman
1868 Edmund C. Murdaugh (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1868 George Hatley Norton (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1869 John Monroe Bannister (D.D.) clergyman
1869 Otto Sievers Barten (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1869 Basil Lanneau Gildersleeve (LL.D.) philologist
1869 Milo Mahan (LL.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1869 Henry Niles Pierce (LL.D.) Bishop of Arkansas
1869 Frank Preston (M.A.) college professor
1869 A. Paul Repiton (D.D.) Baptist clergyman
1869 Thomas Jefferson Stubbs (A.M.) Presbyterian clergyman, college professor
1869 Francis Vinton (D.C.L.) clergyman
1869 William Dwight Whitney (LL.D.) philologist
1869 Richard Alsop Wise (M.A.) physician, educator, legislator
1869 Christopher B. Wyatt (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1869 William McIntosh Young (D.D.) clergyman
1870 Samuel Benedict (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 William Izard Clopton (A.M.) lawyer, jurist
1870 Raleigh Edward Colston (A.M.) soldier
1870 Churchill Jones Gibson (D.D.) clergyman
1870 John Francis Hoff (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 James Lyons (LL.D.) lawyer, legislator
1870 William H. McFarland (LL.D.) lawyer, legislator
1870 John M. Mitchell (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 Reuben Denton Nevius (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 Charles H. Sheild (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 Henry A. Strode (A.M.) educator
1870 Henry Wall (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1870 William C. Williams (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1871 Thomas G. Addison (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1871 John A. Harrison (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1871 William Clarkson Meredith (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1871 William Trebell Saunders (D.D.) clergyman
1871 John Jackson Scott (LL.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1871 Horace Stringfellow (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1872 John Clopton (M.A.) physician
1872 Charles B. Coffin (A.M.) clergyman
1872 Charles B. Duffield (LL.D.) -
1872 William Fulton (D.D.) clergyman
1872 Robert Johnston Graves (D.D.) Presbyterian clergyman
1872 James Fillmer Hubbard (A.M.) educated at William & Mary
1872 James Robert Hubbard (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, college professor
1872 John William Mallot (LL.D.) chemist, educator
1872 Legrand Winfield Perce (LL.D.) Congressman
1872 Robert Potts (LL.D.) mathematician, author
1872 William Henry Sheild (A.M.) physician
1872 John Randolph Tucker (LL.D.) U.S. Representative, university professor
1872 Van Franklin Garrett (A.M.) soldier, physician, college professor
1873 William George Farrington (D.D.) clergyman
1873 George Frisbie Hoar (LL.D.) U.S. Senator
1873 Henry Champlin Lay (S.T.D.) Bishop of Arkansas, Bishop of Easton, Md.
1873 Robert Nelson (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1873 William Pinkney (LL.D.) Bishop of Maryland
1873 Charles Henry Wright (?) Episcopal clergyman, educator
1873 Stocking (D.D.) author
1873 James H. Ticknor (D.D.) Protestant Episcopal clergyman
1873 Francis McNeece Whittle (LL.D.) Bishop of Virginia
1873 Charles Scott Venable (LL.D.) professor, mathematician, soldier
1874 John Muehleisen Arnold (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, missionary
1874 Robert Dabney (LL.D.) university professor
1874 Samuel Smith Harris (D.D.) Bishop of Michigan
1874 Alexander Hogg (A.M.) college professor
1874 W. Frank Mitchell (LL.D.) educated at William & Mary
1874 Elihu Morrisett (A.M.) educator
1874 John Martin Philip Otts (D.D.) Presbyterian clergyman, author
1874 Philip Slaughter (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, historian
1874 Daniel Francis Sprigg (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, editor
1874 John Henry Ducahet Wingfield (LL.D.) Bishop of Northern California

1875 - 1899

Year Recipient Occupation
1875 Claudius R. Hains, Jr. (D.D.) clergyman
1875 C.H. Leverett (A.M.) professor
1875 Matthias Murry Marshall (D.D.) clergyman
1875 Charles Landon Carter Minor (LL.D.) college president
1875 Alfred Magill Randolph (D.D.) Bishop of Virginia
1875 James Clifton Wheat (D.D.) clergyman, educator
1876 James Craik (LL.D.) clergyman
1876 Elijah Weaver Hager (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1876 William Stevens Perry (LL.D.) Bishop of Iowa
1876 William Stoddert (D.D.) Presbyterian clergyman
1876 Lyman Brown Wharton (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, college professor
1877 Thomas Dunn English (LL.D.) lawyer, journalist, legislator
1877 Samuel Miller Moore (D.D.) Presbyterian clergyman
1877 Evans Davis (M.A.) clergyman, Diocese of Ontario, Canada
1878 Mathew Ker (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1878 Francis Henney Smith (LL.D.) soldier, college president
1878 Alexander Watson Waddell (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
C 1878 Edward S. Joynes (LL.D.) -
C 1878 T. Grayson Dashiell (D.D.) clergyman
C 1878 Thomas A. Tidball (D.D) clergyman
C 1878 Julius J. Sams (D.D) clergyman
C 1878 Frederick Evans (D.D) clergyman
1879 Douglas French Forrest (D.D.) clergyman
1881 John S. Cowlick (D.D.) clergyman
1881 Benjamin Franklin DeCosta (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman, editor, author
1881 Robert Gatewood (D.D.) college professor, clergyman
1881 Robert William Hughes (LL.D.) editor, lawyer
1881 John Summerfield Lindsay (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1882 Edward Henry Ward (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1883 Robert J. McBryde (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1883 Zebulon M. Pike Powers (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1883 Geoge Wolfe Shinn (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
1883 Thomas G. Williamson (D.C.E.) civil engineer
1884 Charles Rogers (LL.D.) clergyman, author


1900 - 1924

Year Recipient Occupation
1900 Alexander Brown (LL.D.) merchant, farmer, historian
1900 William Wirt Henry (LL.D.) lawyer, historian
C 1903 William Minor Lile (LL.D.) lawyer, university professor
1905 Daniel Coit Gilman (LL.D.) university president
1905 John Goode (LL.D.) lawyer, U.S. Congressman
1905 Thomas Nelson Page (LL.D.) lawyer, author, ambassador
1906 Armistead Churchill Gordon (LL.D.) lawyer, author
1906 William Gordon McCabe (LL.D.) educator, author
1907 George Clinton Batcheller (LL.D.) manufacturer
C 1909 Phillip Alexander Bruce (LL.D.) historian
1913 Edwin Augustus Grosvenor (LL.D.) historian, educator
C 1913 Gaillard Hunt (LL.D.) author, editor
C1913 Samuel Black McCormick (LL.D.) college president
C 1916 Kate Mason Rowland (LL.D.) author
C 1916 William Glover Stanard (LL.D.) editor
C 1918 Clarence Winthrop Bowen (LL.D.) publisher, author
C 1919 Lyon Gardiner Tyler (LL.D.) college president, historian
1919 Thomas Woodrow Wilson (LL.D.) 28th President of the United States
C 1920 Douglas Southall Freeman (LL.D.) editor, historian
C 1920 Robert Morton Hughes (LL.D.) lawyer, Rector, member of the Board of Visitors
C 1920 Beverley Dandridge Tucker (LL.D.) Bishop of Southern Virginia
1921 Westmoreland Davis (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
1921 Thomas Fell (LL.D.) President of St. John's College
1921 Harry Augustus Garfield (LL.D.) President of Williams College
1921 John Lesslie Hall (LL.D.) college professor
1921 Warren Gamaliel Harding (LL.D.) 29th President of the United States
1921 Alton Brooks Parker (LL.D.) Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals of New York
C 1923 Berryman Green (LL.D.) clergyman, educator
C 1923 Frank Orren Lowden (LL.D.) lawyer, U.S. Congressman, Governor of Illinois
C 1923 Robert Walton Moore (LL.D.) lawyer, representative for Virginia
C 1924 Dice Robins Anderson (LL.D.) educator, historian
1924 Charles Richard Crane (LL.D.) manufacturer, diplomat

1925 - 1949

Year Recipient Occupation
1925 Edward Christian Glass (LL.D.) educator
1925 Robert Riddick Prentis (LL.D.) judge
1925 George Drayton Strayer (LL.D.) university professor
1926 Harry Flood Byrd (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia, U.S. Senator
C 1926 Oliver Perry Chitwood (LL.D.) educator, historian
1926 John Calvin Coolidge (LL.D.) 30th President of the United States
C 1926 John William Henry Crim (LL.D.) lawyer
C 1926 Cary Travers Grayson (LL.D.) physician, naval officer
C 1926 William Arthur Maddox (LL.D.) President of Rockford College (now Rockford University)
1926 John Barton Payne (LL.D.) lawyer
C 1926 Robert Henry Tucker (LL.D) economist
C 1927 Oscar McMurtrie Voorhees (LL.D.) clergyman, official of Phi Beta Kappa
1928 Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess Astor (LL.D.) second elected female member of U.K. Parliament
C 1929 Frank Pierrepont Graves (LL.D.) university professor
C 1930 Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor (LL.D.) author, editor, naturalist
1931 Paul Louis Charles Claudel (LL.D.) diplomat, poet, dramatist
C 1931 Henry Jackson Davis (LL.D.) educator
C 1931 James Noah Hillman (LL.D.) college president
C 1931 James Southall Wilson (LL.D.) university professor
1931 Herbert Clark Hoover (LL.D.) 31st President of the United States
1931 John Joseph Pershing (LL.D.) soldier
1931 Henri Philippe Benoni Omer Petain (LL.D.) Commander-in-Chief of French Army in World War I
1931 John Garland Pollard (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1932 Edgar Erskine Hume (LL.D.) physician, soldier
C 1933 Archibald Henderson (LL.D.) professor of mathematics
C 1933 Charles Henry Taylor (LL.D.) journalist
C 1934 Kenneth Chorley (LL.D.) corporation executive
C 1934 Cordell Hull (LL.D.) Secretary of State
1934 George Campbell Peery (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
1934 Franklin Delano Roosevelt (LL.D.) 32nd President of the United States
C 1935 Carter Glass (LL.D.) U.S. Senator
1935 John Lloyd Newcomb (LL.D.) university president
C 1936 James Bryant Conant (LL.D.) college president, diplomat
1937 Walter Lippman (LL.D.) editor, author
SC 1937 Sir Campbell Stuart (LL.D.) editor
C 1937 Elbert Lee Trinkle (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
1937 Alexander Wilbourne Weddell (LL.D.) diplomat
C 1938 Frank Porter Graham (LL.D.) university president, U.S. Senator, diplomat
SC 1938 Georgia O’Keeffe (D.F.A.) artist
C 1938 Claude Vernon Spratley (LL.D.) judge
C 1939 Grover Ashton Dovell (LL.D.) lawyer, Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates
C 1939 Ellen Glasgow (LL.D.) author
1939 W.A.R. Goodwin (LL.D) Episcopal clergyman, educator
C 1939 Ernest Martin Hopkins (LL.D.) college president
SC 1939 Alexander Edward Christian Crown Prince of Norway Frederik Olav (LL.D.) -
C 1939 Henry St. George Tucker (LL.D.) Bishop of Virginia
C 1940 Theodore Floyd Adams (D.D.) Baptist clergyman
C 1940 George Arents (Litt.D.) corporation official, bibliophile
C 1940 Sidney Bartlett Hall (LL.D.) university professor
C 1940 Everett Victor Meeks (D.F.A.) architect, educator
C 1940 Charles Edward Wilson (LL.D.) business executive
C 1941 Jesse Wakefield Beams (D.Sc.) physicist
C 1941 George Catlett Marshall (LL.D.) army officer, U.S. Secretary of State
C 1941 Oscar DeWolf Randolph (D.D.) Episcopal clergyman
C 1941 Joseph Henry Saunders (Pd.D.) educator
C 1941 Earl Gregg Swem (LL.D.) librarian, editor, bibliographer
C 1941 Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker (Litt.D.) university professor
C 1942 John Stewart Bryan (LL.D.) publisher, 20th President of William & Mary
C 1942 Robert DeBlois Calkins (LL.D.) economist
C 1942 George Preston Coleman (LL.D.) civil engineer
C 1942 Homer Lenoir Ferguson (LL.D.) engineer
C 1942 Ernest Joseph King (LL.D.) naval officer
C 1943 William Orville Douglas (LL.D.) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
C 1944 Virginius Dabney (LL.D.) editor, author
SC 1944 Sir John Greer Dill (LL.D.) soldier
C 1945 Schuyler Otis Bland (LL.D.) lawyer, U.S. Congressman
C 1945 Edmund Ezra Day (LL.D.) university president
C 1946 Claude C. Coleman (D.Sc.) surgeon
C 1946 Colgate Whitehead Darden, Jr. (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia, university president
C 1947 Karl Taylor Compton (LL.D.) physicist, college president
C 1947 John Womack Wright (LL.D.) soldier, author
SC 1948 Harold Alexander (LL.D.) soldier, Governor-General of Canada, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis
C 1948 Dudley Redwood Cowles (LL.D.) educator, publisher
SC 1948 William Lyon Mackenzie King (LL.D.) 10th Prime Minister of Canada
C 1948 Leverett Saltonstall (LL.D.) Governor of Massachusetts, U.S. Senator
1948 Harry S. Truman (LL.D.) 33rd President of the United States
SC 1948 William Munford Tuck (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1949 John Lesslie Hall, Jr. (LL.D.) naval officer

1950 - 1974

Year Recipient Occupation
C 1950 Amos Ralph Koontz (D.Sc.) surgeon
C 1951 Paul Howard Douglas (LL.D.) economist, U.S. Senator
C 1951 Paul Howard Douglas (LL.D.) economist, U.S. Senator
C 1952 Ella Graham Agnew (LL.D.) home economist
C 1952 Frederick Deane Goodwin Ribble (LL.D.) university professor
1953 John Stewart Battle (LL.D.) lawyer, legislator, Governor of Virginia
SC 1953 Dwight David Eisenhower (LL.D.) 34th President of the United States
C 1953 William Thomas Sanger (LL.D.) educator
1954 Jessie Ball duPont (LL.D.) business executive, philanthropist
1954 Rayner Goddard (Baron) (LL.D.) Lord Chief Justice of England
C 1954 John Jacob Scherer, Jr. (LL.D.) Lutheran clergyman
1954 Earl Warren (LL.D.) Chief Justice of the United States
1955 Carlos Pena Romulo (LL.D.) editor, soldier, diplomat
1955 Henry Irving Willett (LL.D.) educator
C 1956 A. Willis Robertson (LL.D.) U.S. Senator
C 1957 Pierson John Dixon (LL.D.) British foreign service officer
C 1957 Oscar Lane Shewmake (LL.D.) lawyer, insurance executive
1957 James Rhyne Killian, Jr. (LL.D.) college president
C 1958 Dabney Stuart Lancaster (LL.D.) educator
C 1958 Walter Edward Vest (A.M.H.C.) physician
SC 1959 Sir Harold Anthony Caccia (LL.D.) British Ambassador
C & SC 1959 J. Lindsay Almond, Jr. (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
SC 1959 Ross L. Malone (LL.D.) President, American Bar Association
C 1960 Gaylord Probasco Harnwell (LL.D.) educator, physicist
CD 1960 Alfred A. Knopf (L.H.D.) publisher
CD 1960 Walter Spencer Robertson (LL.D.) government official
CD 1960 Allie Edward Stokes Stephens (LL.D.) lawyer, state official
CD 1960 Jerauld Wright (LL.D.) naval officer
C 1961 Ruby Altizer Roberts (L.H.D.) Poetess of Virginia
C 1961 Robert E. Henley (LL.D.) business executive
C 1961 Winthrop Rockefeller (LL.D.) investment management
C 1963 J.D. Carneal (L.T.D.) business executive
C 1963 Alvin Duke Chandler (LL.D.) President of William & Mary
C 1963 Albertis S. Harrison, Jr. (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1963 Carlisle H. Humelsine (LL.D.) business executive
C 1963 Floyd L. Thompson (D.Sc.) aeronautical engineer
CD 1964 Laurence Warren I’Anson (LL.D.) jurist
CD 1964 Harold Winfrey Ramsey (LL.D.) educator
CD 1964 Thomas Bahnson Stanley (L.T.D.) Governor of Virginia
CD 1964 Julius Adams Stratton (Sc.D.) university president
C 1964 Otto Lowe (L.T.D.) attorney-at-law
C 1964 Lloyd U. Noland, Jr. (LL.D.) business executive
C 1964 C. Vann Woodward (L.H.D.) university professor
CD 1965 William David Ormsby-Gore, Baron Harlech (LL.D.) British Ambassador to the United States
CD 1965 Richard Lee Morton (LL.D.) educator, historian
CD 1965 Lewis Franklin Powell, Jr. (LL.D.) President, American Bar Association
CD 1965 James Moody Robertson (LL.D.) alumnus, lawyer, former Rector of Board of Visitors
CD 1966 Marjorie Hope Nicholson (Litt.D) eminent scholar in English literature
CD 1966 Mills E. Godwin, Jr. (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1966 Henry Hamill Fowler (LL.D.) Secretary of the Treasury
CD 1967 Leslie Cheek, Jr. (D.F.A.) Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond
CD 1967 Jay Winston Johns (LL.D.) philanthropist, Patron of History Landmarks
CD 1967 John Walker (D.F.A.) Director, National Gallery of Art
CD 1968 Hugh Williams Farmar (LL.D.) clerk, Drapers’ Company
CD 1968 Robert Wright Stopford (D.D.) Lord Bishop of London
CD 1968 Sir Patrick Henry Dean (LL.D.) British Ambassador to the United States
C 1968 Sterling Hutcheson (LL.D.) distinguished jurist and former Rector of the Board of Visitors
C 1968 John Jennings (LL.D.) Director, Virginia Historical Society
CD 1969 William Guy (D.Sc.) Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
CD 1969 Robert Q. Marston (D.Sc.) Director, National Institute of Health
C 1969 (summer) Judge H. Lester Hooker (LL.D.) Chairman, State Corporation Commission, distinguished public Servant
CD 1970 Robert Earl McConnell (LL.D.) philanthropist, mining engineer, government official
CD 1970 Jack Morpurgo (L.H.D.) author, scholar
C 1970 Edmund S. Muskie (LL.D.) U.S. Senator (Maine)
C 1972 Theodore Roosevelt Dalton (LL.D.) federal judge, alumnus
C 1972 Ralph Waldo Ellison (Litt.D.) distinguished author
C 1972 Joseph Andorfer Ewan (Sc.D.) distinguished botanist
C 1972 William Brooks George (L.H.D.) distinguished alumnus, former Rector of the Board of Visitors
C 1972 Abner Linwood Holton, Jr. (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1972 William Graves Perry (D.F.A.) outstanding architect, chief architect in the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg
C 1973 Warren E. Burger (LL.D.) Chief Justice of the United States
CD 1974 Edgar F. Shannon, Jr. (L.H.D.) President, University of Virginia
C 1974 Arthur B. Hanson (LL.D.) outstanding alumnus, outstanding service in military, community, and legal affairs
C 1974 Granville Pullen, Jr. (L.H.D.) State Superintendent of Schools, university president, outstanding alumnus
C 1974 Addison Roberts (LL.D.) outstanding alumnus, business executive
C 1974 Walter Muir Whitehill (L.H.D.) distinguished historian

1975 - 1999

Year Recipient Occupation
C 1975 Kingman Brewster, Jr. (LL.D.) President of Yale University
C 1975 Thomas N. Downing (LL.D.) U.S. Congressman
C 1975 Roy R. Charles (LL.D.) alumnus, philanthropist, civic leader
C 1975 Guy Coheleach (D.Arts) artist, conservationist
C 1975 T. Edward Temple (LL.D.) President of Virginia Commonwealth University
CD 1976 Sir Peter Ramsbotham (LL.D.) British Ambassador to the United States
C 1976 Thomas Roy Jones (LL.D.) corporate executive, civic leader, philanthropist
C 1976 Robert Coles (L.H.D.) author, researcher, poet, psychiatrist
C 1976 Henry Rosovsky (LL.D.) scholar, renowned leader in higher education, alumnus
C 1976 Forrest David Mathews (L.H.D.) Secretary of Health, Education, Welfare, former President of the University of Alabama
CD 1977 Carter O. Lowance (LL.D.) government executive, aide and confidante to six governors
C 1977 Harrry F. Byrd, Jr. (LL.D.) Virginia and U.S. Senator, Newspaperman, public servant
C 1977 Clement E. Conger (L.H.D.) journalist, protocol expert, diplomat, curator, collector, scholar, lecturer, preservationist
C 1977 William H. Rehnquist (LL.D.) Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
C 1977 Dumas Malone (D.Litt.) historian, biographer, political scientist, editor
C 1977 Catherine Filene Shouse (L.H.D.) member, Virginia Commission of the Arts and Humanities, philanthropist
CD 1978 Ernest Leroy Boyer (LL.D.) U.S. Commissioner of Education, university chancellor
CD 1978 Howard K. Smith (L.H.D.) leader in the communications field
CD 1978 Lindley J. Stiles (L.H.D.) professor of education for interdisciplinary studies, sociology, and political science
C 1978 Barbara C. Jordan (LL.D.) U.S. Congresswoman – Texas
C 1978 John Wills Tuthill (LL.D.) Former U.S. Ambassador, president of Salzburg seminar in American Studies
C 1978 Walter J. Zable (LL.D.) business leader, dedicated humanitarian
CD 1979 John Ritchie III (LL.D.) university professor
CD 1979 William Warner Van Alstyne (LL.D.) university professor
C 1979 John Nicholas Dalton (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia, alumnus
C 1979 Daniel J. Boorstin (Litt.D) Librarian of Congress, author, educator
C 1979 Jeffrey Kenneth MacNelly (L.H.D.) cartoonist
C 1979 Richard Beale Davis (Litt.D) educator
CD 1980 Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh (L.H.D.) President of Notre Dame, clergyman, educator
CD 1980 Daniel Bell (Litt.D.) university professor, sociologist
C 1980 Art Buchwald (L.H.D.) humorist, author
C 1980 John Warren Cooke (LL.D.) journalist, publisher, businessman, former Speaker of Virginia House of Delegates
C 1980 Sir Nevill Mott (Sc.D.) scientist, author, Nobel prize winner
C 1980 Rafael Torrens (D.Litt.) physician, teacher, public servant, author, philosopher
CD 1981 Marquis Jean Pierre de Chambrun (L.H.D.) direct descendant of the Marquis de Lafayette
CD 1981 Lewis A. McMurran, Jr. (LL.D.) Chairman, Virginia Independence Bicentennial Commission
CD 1981 John W. Warner (LL.D.) U.S. Senator – Virginia; Director, American Revolution Bicentennial Administration
SC 1981 His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (received an Honorary Fellowship not Honorary Degree) -
C 1981 William F. Buckley, Jr. (L.H.D.) editor, writer, political philosopher
C 1981 Helen Hayes (L.H.D.) actress, author, humanitarian
C 1981 J. Wilfred Lambert (L.H.D.) Former Dean of Students, William & Mary
C 1981 Edmund Sears Morgan (Litt.D) teacher, historian, author
CD 1982 Hays T. Watkins (LL.D.) corporate executive, civic leader
CD 1982 Edwin D. Dodd (LL.D.) corporate executive
CD 1982 Donald Hillsdon Ryan (LL.D.) corporate executive
C 1982 Garry B. Trudeau (L.H.D.) cartoonist, creator of “Doonesbury” comic strip
C 1982 C. Waller Barrett (Litt.D.) bibliophile
C 1982 Vincent Theodore DeVita, Jr. (D.Sc.) oncologist, alumnus
C 1982 Frederick Campion Steward (D.Sc.) botanist
CD 1983 Charles Spittal Robb (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1983 Elizabeth Hanford Dole (LL.D.) U.S. Secretary of Transportation
C 1983 Ivor Noel Hume (L.H.D.) archaeologist, author, historian, lecturer, script writer
C 1983 Walter Gordon Mason (LL.D.) businessman, former Trustee, Rector of the Board of Visitors
C 1983 Kenneth Nebenzahl (L.H.D.) rare book and rare map dealer, scholar
CD 1984 J. Carter Brown (D.F.A.) Director of the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
C 1984 Paul A. Volcker (L.H.D.) Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
C 1984 R. Harvey Chappell, Jr. (LL.D.) lawyer, former Rector of William & Mary
C 1984 William Louis Zimmer, III (LL.D.) businessman, Chairman of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
C 1984 Lawrence A. Cremin (L.H.D.) President of Teachers College, Columbia University
CD 1985 Donald W. Pritchard (D.S.) Professor of Marine Science
C 1985 Grace Murray Hopper (LL.D.) U.S. Navy Commodore, mathematician, computer scientist
C 1985 Walter Edward Hoffman (LL.D.) judge
C 1985 Eudora Welty (D.Litt.) author
C 1985 John Boyd Bentley (D.D.) Bishop of Alaska
CD 1986 Clark Kerr (L.H.D.) President Emeritus, The University of California
CD 1986 Joseph C. Smiddy (L.H.D.) President Emeritus, Clinch Valley College
C 1986 John Bruce Bredin (LL.D.) businessman, Class of 1936, former member of the Board of Visitors
C 1986 Richard Hendrik Fein (LL.D.) Ambassador of the Netherlands to the United States
C 1986 George Frost Kennan (L.H.D.) diplomatist and historian
C 1986 Jeane Duane Jordan Kirkpatrick (LL.D.) Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.
C 1986 Charles Robert Longsworth (L.H.D.) President of Colonial Williamsburg
CD 1987 Gerald L. Baliles (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1987 Denton A. Cooley, (D.Sc.) surgeon
C 1987 Gilbert M. Grosvenor (L.H.D.) Editor, National Geographic Magazine
C 1987 John Hersey (L.H.D.) author, journalist, professor
C 1987 Roger H. Mudd (D.P.S.) journalist, television news anchorman
C 1987 William B. Spong, Jr. (LL.D.) Dean, Marshall-Wythe School of Law
CD 1988 Robert Wedgeworth, Jr. (L.H.D.) Dean, School of Library Service, Columbia University
C 1988 John Angus McPhee (Litt.D) author and essayist
C 1988 Anne Dobie Peebles (L.H.D.) former Rector of William & Mary Board of Visitors
C 1988 Colin L. Powell (D.P.S.) U.S. National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army
C 1988 Diane Sawyer (D.P.S.) CBS News, “60 Minutes”, co-anchor
C 1988 Barbara Wertheim Tuchman (L.H.D.) Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian
CD 1989 Bruce Bernard Weatherill (LL.D.) Speaker of the House of Commons of Great Britain
CD 1989 James Peter Hymers Mackay (LL.D.) The Lord Chancellor of Great Britain
CD 1989 H.R.H. The Princess Margriet of the Netherlands (Honorary Fellowship not Honorary Degree) -
C 1989 Robert McCormick Adams (L.H.D.) anthropologist, historian, educator
C 1989 Glenn Close (Arts D.) alumna, actress, producer
C 1989 Mary Maples Dunn (L.H.D.) alumna, scholar, historian, President of Smith College
C 1989 Sir Denys H. Wilkinson (D.Sc.) scientist, academic leader
CD 1990 A. Eric Sevareid (L.H.D.) newspaper, radio, television correspondent, CBS newscaster, Emmy Award winner
CD 1990 Dennis F. Thompson (L.H.D.) Director, Program in Ethics and the Professions, Harvard University
C 1990 Lawrence Douglas Wilder (L.L.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1990 Sir Antony Acland (L.L.D.) British Ambassador to the U.S.
C 1990 Janet Haldane Coleman Kimbrough '21 (L.H.D) alumna – Class of 1921, physician
C 1990 David Tennant Bryan (L.H.D.) newspaper publisher, philanthropist, community leader
CD 1991 Fang Li Zhi (L.H.D.) Chinese astrophysicist and human rights advocate
CD 1991 A.E. Dick Howard (L.L.D.) White Burkett Miller Professor of Law and Public Affairs at UVA
C 1991 Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. (L.H.D.) tennis champion, author
C 1991 Hanna Holborn Gray (L.H.D.) historian
C 1991 Antonin Scalia (L.L.D.) Supreme Court Justice, educator
C 1991 Frank M. Turner (L.H.D.) historian
CD 1992 D. Allan Bromley (D.Sc.) Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
CD 1992 Sir Cyril A. Clarke (D.Sc.) British biologist
CD 1992 Hermann A. Grunder (D.Sc.) Director, Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility
CD 1992 Richard H. Petersen (D.Sc.) Associate Administrator, Office of Aeronautical and Space Technology
C 1992 Mary L. Good (D.Sc.) Senior Vice President for Technology at Allied Chemical
C 1992 Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr. (L.H.D.) Chairman, Ethyl Corporation
C 1992 J. Bryan Hehir (L.H.D.) Senior Research Scholar, Kennedy Institute of Ethics
C 1992 Stephen J. Wright, Jr. (L.H.D.) Former President, Fisk University, Nashville
C 1992 James A. Baker III (LL.D.) Secretary of State
CD 1993 Hunter B. Andrews (LL.D.) Senator, William & Mary Alumnus
CD 1993 Harry L. Carrico (LL.D.) Virginia Chief Justice
CD 1993 Jane Goodall (D.Sc.) anthropologist, author
CD 1993 Sir Robin Renwick (L.H.D.) British Ambassador to the U.S.
CD 1993 Robert Charles Gordon Strick (L.H.D.) Clerk of the Drapers’ Company of London
C 1993 William H. Cosby, Jr. (A.M.)* actor, author, educator, humorist
*Rescinded by the William & Mary Board of Visitors, August 10, 2018
C 1993 Herbert V. Kelly (LL.D.) attorney, alumnus, former Rector
C 1993 William Styron (L.H.D.) author
CD 1994 George F. Allen (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
C 1994 George F. Will (L.H.D.) columnist and commentator
C 1994 Rozanne L. Ridgway (D.P.S.) former Ambassador to Germany
C 1994 Bernard Bailyn (L.H.D.) professor, Harvard University, historian
CD 1995 David S. Broder (L.H.D.) columnist, author
CD 1995 Damon J. Keith (L.L.D.) circuit judge, U.S. Supreme Court of Appeals, 6th circuit
C 1995 Mark J Wills (L.H.D.) Founder of the Bobbie Bryan House, AIDS/HIV Awareness
C 1995 George Herbert Walker Bush (LL.D.) 41st President of the United States
C 1995 J. Maxwell Irvine (D.Sc.) scientist, educator, President of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland
C 1995 David Beers Quinn (L.H.D.) scholar, educator
CD 1996 Pamela C. Harriman (LL.D.) U.S. Ambassador to France, Philanthropist
CD 1996 Frank Batten (L.H.D.) Chairman, Landmark Communications, publisher, philanthropist
C 1996 Oliver W. Hill, Sr. (LL.D.) civil rights activist, attorney
C 1996 William Jackson Payne (D.Sc.) microbiologist, educator
CD 1997 David McCullough (L.H.D.) historian, author, public television host
CD 1997 Alan A. Diamonstein (LL.D.) lawyer, member of the Virginia House of Delegates, public servant
C 1997 Herbert H. Bateman (LL.D.) U.S. Congressman, William & Mary alumnus
C 1997 Natalie Zemon Davis (L.H.D.) Professor, Princeton University, historian
C 1997 Mark H. McCormack (L.H.D.) entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, William & Mary Alumnus
CD 1998 James Stuart Gilmore III (LL.D.) Governor of Virginia
CD 1998 William W. Abbott (L.H.D.) historian, editor, educator
CD 1998 Raymond A. Mason (L.H.D.) President, Legg Mason, Inc., philanthropist, William & Mary alumnus
CD 1998 Robert M. Gates '65 (L.H.D.) former Director of the CIA, William & Mary alumnus
C 1998 Joseph J. Ellis (L.H.D.) historian, scholar, teacher, William & Mary alumnus
C 1998 Edward E. Brickell (L.H.D.) President, Eastern Virginia Medical School, former member and Rector of the Board of Visitors
C 1998 Benjamin S. Carson, Sr. (D.Sc.) physician, author
CD 1999 Pamela P. Chinnis (L.H.D.) President of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church, William & Mary alumna
CD 1999 James D. Watkins (D.Sc.) former Chief of Naval Operations, public servant, environmentalist
CD 1999 Richard G. Lugar (L.L.D.) U.S. Senator, Indiana
C 1999 Shelby Foote (L.H.D.) novelist, historian, playwright
C 1999 James E. Ukrop (L.H.D.) Chairman, Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc., public servant, William & Mary alumnus

21st Century

2000- present

Year Recipient Occupation
CD 2000 Margaret, The Lady Thatcher (LL.D.) former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Chancellor of William & Mary
CD 2000 James W. McGlothlin (LL.D.) entrepreneur, civic leader, William & Mary alumnus
C 2000 Brent Scowcroft (L.H.D.) former National Security Advisor, educator
C 2000 James B. Murray, Jr. (LL.D.) entrepreneur, civic leader, William & Mary alumnus
CD 2001 Lawrence S. Eagleburger (D.P.S.) diplomat, humanitarian, political leader, public servant, former Secretary of State under George H. W. Bush, former member of the Board of Visitors
CD 2001 Adolphus C. Hailstork (L.H.D) musician, composer, conductor, educator
C 2001 Madeleine K. Albright (L.H.D.) former U.S. Secretary of State
C 2001 J. Stewart Bryan III (L.H.D.) Chairman, President and CEO of Media General
CD 2002 Mark R. Warner (LL.D.) 69th Governor of Virginia, public servant, entrepreneur, philanthropist
CD 2002 Donald Kennedy (D.Sc.) scientist, teacher, public servant, scholar
CD 2002 Michael K. Powell '85 (D.P.S.) soldier, lawyer, public servant, Chairman of the FCC, William & Mary alumnus
C 2002 A. Lamar Alexander (LL.D.) public servant, educator, businessman, former U.S. Secretary of Education, former Governor of Tennessee, Goodman Visiting Professor of Practice in Public Service at Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
C 2002 Ernest Whitmore Goodrich (LL.D.) William & Mary alumnus, Lieutenant Commander U.S. Navy, former Board of Visitors Rector and Marshall-Wythe School of Law professor, Commonwealth Attorney for Surry County
CD 2003 Kofi Annan (D.P.S.) Secretary-General of the United Nations, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
CD 2003 Anthony C. Zinni (D.P.S.) General USMC Ret., President Bush’s Envoy to the Middle East
CD 2003 James W. Brinkley (L.H.D.) President and CEO Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.
C 2003 John Robert Lewis (D.P.S.) public servant, civic activist, protector of human rights, elected to Congress in 1986, member of the U.S. House of Representatives
C 2003 Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan (L.H.D.) international negotiator, advocate for democracy and peace, active patron of many national institutions in Jordan, chair of the King Hussein Foundation established in 1999
CD 2004 John H. Chichester (D.P.S.) Virginia Senate President Pro Tempore and Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, elected to the Senate in 1978
CD 2004 Lt. Gen. David D. McKiernan (D.P.S.) William & Mary alumnus, U.S. Army Lt. Gen., commanding general of the 3rd U.S. Army
CD 2004 Ronald E. Carrier (L.H.D.) James Madison University President Emeritus, also served as James Madison University chancellor from 1998 to 2002, member of the Planning and Capacity Steering Committee of the state’s Higher Education Summit
CD 2004 George W. Johnson (L.H.D.) George Mason University President Emeritus (serving from 1978 to 1996), opened the region’s first performing arts center, helped found the Northern Virginia Roundtable (an influential business and civic organization)
C 2004 Jon Stewart '84 (M.A.) host and executive producer of Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
C 2004 William Ivey Long '69 (L.H.D.) costume designer, winner of four Tony awards, historic preservationist
C 2004 Carolynn Reid-Wallace (L.H.D.) scholar, visionary, educational leader, public servant
CD 2005 James Hadley Billington (Litt.D.) author, scholar, leader, statesman, became Director of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 1973 serving fifteen years, Librarian of Congress since 1987
CD 2005 John Tilghman Hazel, Jr. (D.P.S.) visionary, advocate, philanthropist, public servant, lawyer, former rector of George Mason University, member of Virginia Business Higher Education Council
C 2005 Sir John Elliott (L.H.D.) scholar, author, expositor, Regius Professor of Modern History Emeritus at Oxford University
C 2005 Margaret McKane Mauldin (L.H.D.) linguist, preservationist, teacher, author, instructor in the Department of Anthropology at The University of Oklahoma
CD 2006 Timothy M. Kaine (LL.D.) 70th Governor of Virginia, former Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, former Mayor of Richmond, lawyer
CD 2006 Shirley Ann Jackson (L.H.D.) President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, former chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, scientific pioneer, public servant
CD 2006 Virginia Forwood Pate Wetter '40 (D.P.S.) chair of The Chesapeake Broadcasting Corporation, entrepreneur, steward of public education
C 2006 Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu (D.P.S.) cleric, author, teacher, Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
C 2006 Willard A. Van Engel (S.D.) Professor Emeritus, VIMS Fisheries Science, founding professor at VIMS, founder of blue crab studies
CD 2007 A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. (L.H.D.) served nine years on William & Mary's Board of Visitors (three of those years as Rector), president of AMA Investment Counsel, LLC., former president and managing director of Smith Barney, William & Mary alumnus
CD 2007 JoAnn Falletta (Art.D.) Music Director of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, artist
CD 2007 Chuck Hagel (D.P.S) U.S. Senator (R-Nebraska)
C 2007 William T. Coleman, Jr. (LL.D.) Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, noted civil rights advocate and legal scholar
C 2007 William M. Kelso, M.A. '64 (S.D.) Director of archaeology for the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities and the Jamestown Rediscovery Project, located the James Fort at Jamestown
CD 2008 James B. Comey '82 (LL.D.) former Deputy Attorney General of the United States, 2003-2005; General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Lockheed Martin, 2005-2010
CD 2008 Harriet Mayor Fulbright (D.P.S) president of the J. William & Harriet Fulbright Center
CD 2008 James C. Rees '74 (L.H.D.) executive director of George Washington’s Mount Vernon
C 2008 Rabbi David Ellenson '69 (L.H.D.) president of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
C 2008 Mike Tomlin '95 (L.H.D.) Pittsburgh Steelers head coach
CD 2009 Glenn Lowry (Art.D.) founding director of the Muscarelle Museum of Art, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
CD 2009 John Hope Franklin (L.H.D) author and James B. Duke Professor Emeritus of History at Duke University
CD 2009 Jim Webb (D.P.S) author and U.S. Senator (D-Virginia) 2007- 2013
C 2009 Tom Brokaw (L.H.D.) journalist and writer, former Today Show anchor, former NBC Nightly News anchor
C 2009 Linda Lavin (Art. D.) Class of 1959, theater and television actress featured in Alice
C 2009 Sherman Cohen (L.H.D.) philanthropist and real estate developer, donor for the Sherman and Gloria H. Cohen Career Center at William & Mary
CD 2010 Robert F. McDonnell (LL.D.) 71st Governor of Virginia, 2010–2014
CD 2010 Martha C. Nussbaum (L.H.D) author and Professor of Law and Ethics at the University of Chicago
CD 2010 R. Wayne Kernodle (L.H.D.) Sociology professor at William & Mary, 1945-1987
C 2010 Christina D. Romer (D.P.S) Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Professor of Economics at the UC Berkeley
C 2010 Annette Gordon-Reed (L.H.D) Professor of History at Rutgers University, Professor of Law at New York Law School
C 2010 Paul H. O'Neill (D.P.S.) former Secretary of the Treasury under George W. Bush, 2001-2002
CD 2011 Eric Cantor, J.D. '88 (LL.D.) U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader
CD 2011 J. Edward Grimsley ’51 (L.H.D.) editorial page editor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and former rector of W&M
CD 2011 Thaddeus W. Tate, Jr. (L.H.D.) Emeritus Professor of History, Director Emeritus of the Omohundro Institute
C 2011 Joseph J Plumeri '66 (D.P.S.) Chariman and CEO of Willis Group Holdings
C 2011 Marian Wright Edelman (D.P.S.) Founder and President of the Children's Defense Fund
C 2011 Brian P. Lamb (L.H.D.) Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN)
2012 Sandra Day O'Connor (LL.D) Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court
CD 2012 James A. Bill (L.H.D.) Professor Emeritus of Government at William & Mary
C 2012 Jim Lehrer (L.H.D.) PBS NewsHour anchor
C 2012 Carolyn A. Martin '73 (L.H.D.) President of Amherst College
C 2012 Jonathan Jarvis '75 (D.P.S.) Director of the National Park Service
CD 2013 Lois M. Critchfield (D.P.S.) worked for the CIA for 28 years, actively involved with the Reves Center
C 2013 Robert S. Mueller, III (D.P.S.) attorney, former director of the FBI
C 2013 Colin G. Campbell (L.H.D.) President of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Board of Visitors 2008-2012
C 2013 Warren W. Buck, III, M.S. '70, Ph. D. '76 (S.D.) physicist, chancellor emeritus of the University of Washington-Bothell
CD 2014 Terence "Terry" R. McAuliffe (D.P.S.) Governor of Virginia
CD 2014 David J. Lutzer (L.H.D.) Emeritus Chancellor Professor of Mathematics
C 2014 Leroy A. Petry (D.P.S.) Medal of Honor recipient, Commencement speaker
C 2014 Alan B. Miller (D.P.S.) chairman and CEO of Universal Health Services, namesake of Mason School of Business's Miller Hall
CD 2015 Thomas A. Graves, Jr., HON '02 (L.H.D.) Twenty-Third President of William & Mary
CD 2015 Grace E. Harris (L.H.D.) Professor, former Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Virginia Commonwealth University
C 2015 Condoleezza Rice (D.P.S.) former U. S. Secretary of State
CD 2016 Jack D. Edwards (L.H.D.) Professor of Government Emeritus
CD 2016 Ellen R. Stofan '83 (S.D.) NASA chief scientist
C 2016 Jillian "Jill" A. Ellis '88 (L.H.D.) Head Coach of the World Cup-winning U. S. Women's National Soccer Team
C 2016 John M. Bridgeland (D.P.S.) CEO of Civic Enterprises and co-chair of the Service Year Alliance
CD 2017 Mildred "Millie" Barrett West (L.H.D.) Tribe Athletics coach, administrator and fundraiser
CD 2017 Michael L. Clemons '89 (L.H.D.) All-American football player and member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.
C 2017 Paul R. Verkuil '61 (D.P.S.) former William & Mary President
C 2017 Carla D. Hayden (Litt.D.) Librarian of Congress
C 2017 Walter Isaacson (L.H.D.) President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, former chairman and CEO of CNN
CD 2018 Ralph S. Northam (D.P.S.) Governor of Virginia
CD 2018 Trudier Harris (Litt.D.) W&M's first tenured African American faculty member
CD 2018 Frances G. McGlothlin '66 (L.H.D.) philanthropist
CD 2018 Hunter J. Smith '51 (L.H.D.) philanthropist
C 2018 Lynn F. Briley '71 (L.H.D.) educator, one of the first three African Americans to live on campus
C 2018 Karen O. Ely '71 (L.H.D.) educator, health physicist, one of the first three African Americans to live on campus
C 2018 Janet Brown Strafer '71, M.Ed. '77 (L.H.D.) educator, policy analyst, one of the first three African Americans to live on campus
C 2018 Katherine G. Johnson (S.D.) NASA mathematician
C 2018 W. Taylor Reveley, III (LL.D.) former William & Mary President
C 2019 Glenn Close '74 D.A. '89 (honorary fellowship) alumna, actress, producer
C 2019 Jane P. Batten HON ’17 (L.H.D.) philanthropist
C 2019 Denyce A. Graves (Art.D.) world-renowned opera singer
C 2019 Sybil S. Shainwald ’48 (LL.D.) women’s rights attorney
C 2019 John W. Gerdelman '75 (L.H.D.) former W&M Vice Rector and Chair of the W&M Real Estate Foundation
CD 2020 Christy Shevelle Coleman (L.H.D.) Executive Director of Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
CD 2020 Susan Aheron Magill '72 (D.P.S.) former Rector of W&M Board of Visitors
CD 2020 Thomas A. Shannon Jr. '80 (D.P.S.) former Ambassador and U.S. Under Secretary for Political Affairs
C 2020* Anthony S. Fauci (Sc.D) MD and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (awarded at Class of 2020 in-person Commencement ceremony in October 2021)
C 2020* Thomas E. Lovejoy (Sc.D) renowned expert in biodiversity, founder of “Nature” on PBS, and professor in the Environmental Science and Policy department at George Mason University (awarded at Class of 2020 in-person Commencement ceremony in October 2021)
C 2020* Donald N. Patten (LL.D.) former member and Rector of W&M Board of Visitors, renowned lawyer in asbestos liability litigation (awarded at Class of 2020 in-person Commencement ceremony in October 2021)
CD 2021 Jayne Weeks Barnard (LL.D) James Cutler Professor of Law, emerita
CD 2021 Jacquelyn Yvonne McLendon (L.H.D.) Professor of English and Africana studies, emerita
CD 2021 George Warren Cook (D.P.S.) artist and former assistant chief of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe
CD 2021 Patrick James O’Connell (L.H.D.) chef and proprietor of The Inn at Little Washington
C 2021 Anthony M. Kennedy (LL.D) former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1988-2018); professor of constitutional law at the McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific
C 2021 Faith Ringgold (L.H.D.) artist of story quilts; author of children's books; performer; professor emerita of art at the University of California in San Diego
CD 2022 Glenn Youngkin (D.P.S.) Governor of Virginia
CD 2022 Howard J. Busbee ’65, J.D. ’67, M.L.T. ’68 (L.H.D) former faculty member and dean, Raymond A. Mason School of Business
CD 2022 Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D.P.S.) U.S. House of Representatives, Virginia's third congressional district
C 2022 Mellody Hobson (L.H.D.) co-CEO of Ariel Investments; chair of Starbucks board of directors; former chair of DreamWorks Animation board; financial literacy advocate
C 2022 Stephanie Murphy '00 (D.P.S.) U.S. House of Representatives, Florida's seventh congressional district
CD 2023 Linda Thomas-Greenfield (D.P.S.) U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations; former assistant secretary of state for African affairs; former director general of the foreign service
CD 2023 Barbara “Bobbie” Berkeley Ukrop ’61 (L.H.D.) former member of the Board of Visitors and William & Mary Foundation; philanthropist and advocate for education in Virginia
C 2023 Patton Oswalt '91 (Art.D.) award-winning comedian, writer and actor
C 2023 Henry C. Wolf ’64, J.D. ’66 (LL.D) former W&M rector and chair of the W&M Real Estate Foundation; chairman emeritus of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; retired chief financial officer of Norfolk Southern
CD 2024 Lonnie G. Bunch III (L.H.D.) secretary of the Smithsonian Institution; founding director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
CD 2024 Jeffrey B. Trammell '73 (D.P.S.) former W&M rector; public affairs executive; LGBTQ and human rights advocate
C 2024 John Charles Thomas (LL.D) first African American Virginia Supreme Court justice; former member of W&M Board of Visitors; poet


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