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The Hunter B. Andrews Distinguished Fellowship in American Politics is used each year by William & Mary to host journalists, scholars, and politicians to meet with and teach students for up to one week. Created in 1998, the fellowship is named after Hunter B. Andrews, a William & Mary alum who for over 30 years served as a Virginia State Senator from Hampton, Virginia.

Andrews Fellowship Recipients

2001 - David Broder, Washington Post columnist

2002 - Sandy Berger, National Security Adviser to President Bill Clinton

2003 - Tom Foley, 49th speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

2004 - John Lewis, U.S. Congressman and noted civil rights leader

2005 - David Brooks, New York Times columnist and author

2006 - Walter Isaacson, journalist, editor and author

2007 - Thomas E. Mann, W. Averell Harriman Chair and Senior Fellow in Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution

2008 - John Warner, U.S. Senator from Virginia

2009 - John Chichester, former Virginia State Senator

2010 - Linda Greenhouse, journalist, author and Supreme Court scholar

2011 - Robert Wittman, Virginia Congressman

2012 - Gerald Baliles, former Governor of Virginia

2013 - Larry Sabato, political scholar and analyst

2014 - Richard G Lugar, Former U.S. Senator from Indiana

2015 - Gwen Ifil, journalist, television broadcaster, and author

2016 - Michael Gerson, journalist and speechwriter

2017 - Soledad O’Brien, broadcast journalist

2017 - Norm Ornstein, political scientist

2018 - Jodi Kantor, journalist and author

2019 - Ana Navarro, political strategist and commentator

2019 - Bill Kristol, writer, editor, and political commentator

2022 - Nate Silver, statistician and writer


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