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The Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr. Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching is presented annually to the William & Mary professor who displays a strong commitment to the education of students and service to William & Mary. The award is named after Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr., the 23rd president of William & Mary. It is endowed by alumni and friends of the former president. The recipient of the award is chosen by the president of the College from nominations submitted by each of the academic deans.

Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr. Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching Recipients

2008 - Deborah D. Morse, Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of English)

2009 - Thomas L. Heacox, Associate Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of English)

2010 - Kathleen Slevin, Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology)

2011 - John Philip Kearns, Associate Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Computer Science)

2011 - Lawrence King, Chancellor and EMBA Alumni Professor (Business, School of Business)

2012 - Nancy L. Gray, Associate Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences, English and Women's Studies

2013 - Lawrence Leemis, Professor (Faculty of Arts and Sciences) Mathematics and Megan Tschannen-Moran (School of Education)

2014 - Elizabeth Canuel (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) and John Noell Moore (School of Education)

2015 - Jonathan F. Arries, Associate Professor (Hispanic Studies) and William T. Geary, Associate Professor (Accounting)

2016 - Philip H. Daileader, Associate Professor (History) and John E. Graves, Chancellor Professor (Marine Science)

2017 - Beverly T. Sher, Senior Lecturer and Chief Health Professional Advisor and Elizabeth L. Barnes, Professor (English and American Studies)

2018 - Randolph A. Coleman, Professor (Chemistry) and Paul Marcus, Haynes Professor (Law)

2019 - Susan Donaldson, Professor (English and American Studies) and Lynda L. Butler, Chancellor Professor (Law)

2020 - Lizabeth Allison, Chancellor Professor (Biology) and Christopher R. Gareis, Professor of Educational Planning, Policy & Leadership (School of Education)

2021 - Robert J. Latour, Professor (Fisheries Science) and Judith B. Harris, Professor and Pavey Family Chair (Educational Technology)

2022 - Eric A. Kades, Thomas Jefferson Professor (Law) and Qian Su, Senior Lecturer (Chinese Studies)

2023 - Inga Carboni, Associate Professor (Business) and Carla Buck, Associate Professor (Hispanic Studies)

2024 - Nancy Combs, Ernest W. Goodrich Professor (Law) and Deborah Steinberg, CSX Professor (Marine Science)

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

References in the The Flat Hat, William & Mary News, and Alumni Gazette:

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