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Tiberius Gracchus Jones Prize

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

References in the The Flat Hat, William & Mary News, and Alumni Gazette:

  • Prize given to W&M FH, 11/23/1927, pg. 2.
  • Papers to be submitted by April 10th FH, 3/2/1928, pg. 10.
  • Time extension made FH, 4/16/1928, pg. 3.
  • Nine scholarships offered by Citizens' Military Training Camps FH, 5/3/1928, pg. 3.
  • Conditions for award announced FH, 3/22/1929, pg. 2.
  • Offered for best compositions FH, 10/25/1929, pg. 10.
  • Memorial literature prize given to College FH, 4/11/1930, pg. 4.
  • Prize offered to students in English FH, 1/16/1931, pg. 9.
  • Literary prize FH, 5/1/1931, pg. 8.
  • Literary contest is to end in May FH, 4/5/1932, pg. 1.
  • Essay deadline for literary award FH, 4/25/1933, pg. 2.
  • Deadline for Jones Literary Prize Set FH, 5/17/1938, pg. 1.
  • W&M awards literary prizes FH, 3/15/1944, pg. 1.
  • Awarded to Mildred Oliver '45 AG, Oct. 1944, pg. 2.
  • College gives Literary prize FH, 10/24/1945, pg. 3.
  • College announces essay competition FH, 2/20/1946, pg. 3.
  • Landrum sets Literary Prize deadline FH, 5/1/1946, pg. 3.
  • Student will receive Jones prize for best piece of writing FH, 3/23/1948, pg. 4.
  • Awarded to Sallie Ross for Creativity, 1951, W&M Alumni Magazine, March, 2009, p. 41.
  • Jones sets deadline in literary contest FH, 4/28/1953, pg. 3.
  • Students compete for prize FH, 5/21/1957, pg. 8.
  • Entries due FH, 5/18/1962, pg. 2.
  • Literary award FH, 5/3/1963, pg. 1.
  • Given to Neal L. Walters AG, June 1984, pg. 23.
  • Matthew Farrell wins prize for best written piece AG, May 1988, pg. 23 (picture).
  • Robert T. Lowry recognized with award AG, June 1990, pg. 12 (picture).
  • Four prizes to be awarded in conjunction with Literary Festival WMN, 3/4/1992, pg. 2.


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